Prague Transport

The public transport system in Prague is operated by the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. Every day the company transport passengers in Prague and the surrounding region using 2000 metro, tram and bus vehicles.

Some of the fares are as follows :

Ticket/Pass type Adult Child
Short term (30 min) 24 CZK 12 CZK
Basic (90 min) 32 CZK 16 CZK
1 day (24 hours) 110 CZK 55 CZK
3 days (72 hours) 310 CZK  –
90 min (buy from driver) 40 CZK 20 CZK

Please take note that if you are carrying a luggage bigger than 25x45x70cm, you need to pay a fare of 16 CZK

For more information check out the official website

Download the Prague_metro_tram map

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