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Many parts of Singapore are accessible by road, including Sentosa island. The main form of public transport within Singapore is via bus and rail (MRT trains).

The MRT trains in Singapore are operated by 2 companies. The main operator is SMRT, while SBS Transit operates the North-East line. The Stored value ticket can be used on both companies’ trains and buses.


Find out information about the various SMRT stations and the train fares at this website :

Download the SMRT network map here SMRT latest Network Map


SBS Transit

Find out information about the North East line at this website :

Tip : If you are on a budget, check out the above website for the difference in fare between a standard ticket and a stored value card for the places you want to go. If the savings add up to more than $5 (the non-refundable card fee), then it is better to get a stored value card. You can save time queuing to buy a standard ticket.


All commuters are charged a fare according to the total distance travelled on the bus, MRT and LRT.

Fares start at $1.10 (for standard tickets) or $0.73 (if you are using Ezlink Stored value card)


Standard Ticket
Standard Ticket

The Standard Ticket is a contactless smart card for both single and return trips on the MRT and LRT. It can be used up to six times within 30 days from the date of purchase. The card is sold at the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at all MRT and LRT stations. The purchase price includes a deposit of 10 cents and this is automatically refunded on the travel fare of the third trip. A user also enjoys a 10-cent discount on the sixth trip.




EzLink card
EzLink card

The adult stored value card (Ez-Link card) is a contactless stored value smartcard, which can be used on buses, the MRT and LRT. This card can be purchased from TransitLink Ticket Office or Passenger Service Cente located at MRT stations and bus interchanges.

The card costs $12 ($5 for non-refundable card fee and $7 is stored value for your travel fare)

You can also purchase an ez-link cards at 7-Eleven stores including those located at Shell petrol kiosks.

At 7-Eleven, the card cost $10 ($5 for non-refundable card fee and $5 is stored value for your travel fare)

For more information :


Singapore Tourist Pass

Alternatively, you can check out the Tourist Pass,  the only pass that offers tourists unlimited rides on Singapore’s public transport system which includes the MRT, LRT and basic bus services. This excludes Express, Fast Forward, Night Rider, Night Owl and other premium and niche bus services. The Pass also comes bundled with exclusive merchant offerings especially packaged for tourists. To purchase the pass and for more information, please visit



For more information on bus services, visit :


Singapore also has many links to the rest of the world. There are 2 bridges which link Singapore to Malyasia – the Causeway at Woodlands and the Second Link at Tuas.

The Singapore Changi Airport is a major aviation hub for many airlines.


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