Top Things to Do & See While in Sydney



As the capital of Australia and one of the most sought after holiday destinations for many travelers throughout the world, the city itself has what seems like a nearly endless list of sights to see, places to discover and attractions to be explored. If you are planning to head to beautiful Sydney anytime soon and are wondering what to fill your days with, consider the following ideas…


Tour the Sydney Opera House

 As one of the most iconic and visually impressive from the inside out structures in all of Australia, this is an absolute must! Although many think you need to see an actual show to experience it, there is always the option to take the 90-minute tour that will have you ooh’ing and awe’ing at all the immaculate designs within.


Climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Located right next to the Opera House and serving as one of the city’s other main iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge gives visitors a chance of a lifetime and certainly one that will most likely get their blood pumping and knees weak. Strap into a safety belts while you inch your way up to the top enjoying spectacular views along the way.


Get a Sea View of Sydney Harbour

 Sydney Harbour is one of the city’s most beautiful sights and although it can be explored and seen up close, one of the many great day trips to take is either a boat or ferry across the waters to gain a whole new and beautiful view of it. Just be sure to have your camera ready, as you will want look back on those pictures for many years to come.


Enjoy a Coastal Walk

 If you are looking for a relaxing yet fun way to get a feel for the coastal life along Sydney, then consider heading out on the Bondi to Congee Beach coastal walk. With plenty of things to see and stops to take along the way, this is an excellent way to see some great views and breathe in that salty ocean air you have been longing for.


Dig Your Toes into the Sand

 Another must while in Sydney is to head to the beach, soak up that warm Australian sun and dig your toes into the sand while kicking back and enjoying your holiday. Head to either Manly Beach, Bondi Beach or Congee Beach and simply take in all the beauty and fun that seems to exude each one of them.

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